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Denver Area Tree Service has provided high quality tree service and care in the Denver Colorado area for over 20 years. We are committed to honesty, integrity, work ethic, and providing excellent service.

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Denver Area Tree Service is a team of highly qualified, experienced, and well-equipped experts who pride themselves in maintaining the health and appearance of each tree on your property.  If you are you looking for tree professionals with the know-how required to handle any tree related scenario you might have, look no further!

We serve homes and businesses in the Denver area, offering expert tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, pruning and much more, all at affordable prices.

Tree Trimming

It is no secret that trees are absolutely beautiful, and having your trees be professionally cared for can dramatically improve the appearance of your property.  As much as trees are naturally beautiful, trees do need maintenance.  If your trees are not properly maintained they can very quickly grow out of control… Trees are more than capable of putting your property, health and even your family in danger, this becomes truer with every day that they are left unmaintained.

Working with Denver Area Tree Service, you will receive the highest quality trimming and maintenance every time we work on your property.  We respect your property and will always leave it looking clean, safe, and looking like a professionally cared for product.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the act of removing dead and ding branches to maintain plant health and safety.  Pruning is periodically required and all woody landscape plants such as fruit trees, shrubs, young and mature trees, and so on…

Research has shown that this process comes with many benefits.  Thinning dead branches and removing some live branches will reduce wind resistance and greatly decrease the damage dealt to your trees from enduring a storm.

Stump Grinding

Often enough, after a tree has been removed, the stump will also need to be removed. Stumps have proven to be a truly frustrating eyesore, especially if they are attached to any roots that stretch throughout your landscape.  The removal of unwanted stumps also helps greatly in the removal of unwanted insect activity, as well as mitigates new or unwanted growth, and provides a great deal of room for future landscaping endeavors.

If you have any stump-shaped eyesores on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be sure to remove them in a timely manner and leave your property looking like it never happened.  Stump grinding is the most efficient and effective method for finishing up any tree removal.  Our expert team is more than capable of utilizing state of the art equipment to remove stumps, exposed roots and running roots.  Please note that once a stump is removed, you won’t be able to plant another tree in that same spot again.

Tree Removal

Here at Denver Area Tree Service, we don’t particularly like to emphasize the process of tree removal… That being said, in many cases it is a very necessary part of arboriculture and it is a process that we always execute with professional skill and safety as our top priority.  Primarily we pride ourselves in the pursuit of keeping trees clean, safe, and healthy, but there are instances where removing the tree entirely is the safest alternative for the landscape and the homeowner.

Generally, tree removals are undergone for the purpose of eliminating dead or dying trees as well as trees that stand to become a dangerous or are already dangerous. Removals can also be helpful in the pursuit of light and space so the variety of plants on the land are more capable of growth.

Hazards are not always obvious

Storm Clean Up

Strong winds and moist or saturated soil, conditions that are typical of summer storms, can cause tree roots to fail and branches to weaken or completely break.  The majority of costly damage done to any property during a storm will be done by weak limbs breaking off or trees falling.

During the colder seasons, the weight of ice and snow accumulating on trees can cause individual branches or whole trees to break as well.  Any homeowner with undermaintained trees on their property should be very aware of these realities and take the necessary steps to ensure their family, and their property’s safety. 

Hazardous trees, branches, or land does not always lend itself to be obvious that it is a hazard.  We will always recommend having a team of professionals come to your property and inspect all the potential dangers.  From there we would of course recommend having any dangers taken care of immediately and to start developing a strategy to continue maintenance as to avoid any dangerous scenarios.

Tree Maintenance

Trees that are cared for properly offer many benefits to property owners.

Professionally maintained trees offer many benefits, some of which would be that the look of the area will be greatly improved, and nearby plants will be allowed more sunlight and nutrients, directly causing these plants to grow much healthier and stronger.  When it comes to getting the best possible results, you can rely on our expert team here at Denver Area Tree Service. We offer countless reliable, flexible, and affordable tree maintenance services in Denver and the surrounding areas.

We offer the opportunity to schedule regular for your trees at an affordable price, all while never sacrificing the professional quality or safety of the product. Our expert team is more than capable of handling any tree related scenario that could present itself.

Tree Transplanting

Do you need to move a tree?

No matter what your reasons are for needing a tree transplanted, Denver Area Tree Service is here and more then qualified to help.  More than likely, you paid a large sum of money for your trees when you initially had them planted… There is no sense in wasting that investment and if you’re not happy with their current location then it would make sense to keep your investment and simply have them relocated.

Improperly performed tree transplants can leave your tree severely damaged or even completely kill the tree… We offer to transplant your trees at an affordable price and with nothing less than high quality, professional care. We will treat each tree as if it were sitting on our own land. We pride ourselves in the care of trees and the care of your property.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 720-780-9182 for a free, no obligation transplant service estimate.

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